Other questions

What other options are there for housing?

There is a severe shortage of homes in the Northern Lincolnshire area. Most applicants on the Housing Register will have to wait a long time for re-housing and many of those in the lower bands will still have little chance of re-housing in the local area. Depending on your circumstances you may wish to consider other options such as renting in the private sector.

I already have a home, can I exchange it?

Subject to certain conditions, you are able to "swap" your home with another tenant if you both wish to move. You might have heard the term "mutual exchange"; this is what we're talking about here. Mutual exchanges are not handled by us - to apply you need to go to www.homeswapper.co.uk.

What if I become homeless?

Households who are homeless or threatened with homelessness will be dealt with outside the scheme. You should contact your local council's Homeless Prevention  Service/Housing Advice Team to arrange an interview to discuss your circumstances. They will work with you to try to prevent you becoming homeless and will discuss your housing options with you. If this is unsuccessful you may be offered temporary housing. You may still express an interest in properties through Home Choice Lincs, providing your application has been accepted on the Housing Register, but in most cases it is unlikely that this will be in time to resolve your homelessness, as most applicants will have to wait a long time before being successful.

How do I request a review of a decision?

If you disagree with any of the following decisions you can request a review:

  • You are not eligible to join the housing register
  • You are not eligible for an offer
  • Your application has been cancelled other than at your own request
  • You think that you have been placed in the wrong band or given the wrong priority date

To request a review you must write to the Home Choice Lincs Team within 21 days of the date you are notified of the decision and the reason for it. You may provide additional information in writing that you wish to be taken into account when the review is carried out. You will normally be advised of the outcome of the review within 8 weeks. You may not request a further review.