Accepting a property

If I successfully bid for a rented property, can the landlord refuse to let it to me?

You may not be offered the property for one of the following reasons:

  • You owe rent or have other housing related debts
  • You are a Housing Association tenant and legal action has been taken against you because you have broken your tenancy conditions
  • You have sufficient resources to resolve your own housing problems
  • You have not provided the required documentary evidence to support your application by the date given
  • Your circumstances have changed and this results in a reduction in your level of priority.
  • You have provided incorrect or misleading information, which has resulted in your application being awarded a higher priority than it deserves.
  • The property is not suitable for you
  • The property is unaffordable for you
  • There are concerns regarding your ability to maintain/sustain a tenancy
  • You do not qualify in accorance with the landlord's own Lettings Policy

If I am offered a property, will I be able to view it before making up my mind?

Yes. You will be given an opportunity to view the property and decide whether you would like to accept it.

What if I don't like the property when I have seen it?

You will not normally be penalised for refusing a property that you have been offered and will still be able to express interest in properties that become available.  However if you are in one of the priority Bands your banding may be reassessed.

What should I do if I'm unable to attend a viewing?

You should contact the landlord to discuss if you can't attend viewings.  If you don't turn up without informing us your application may be suspended for a 6 month period.

Do I have to pay any money upfront?

You may be asked to pay between 1 and 4 weeks rent in advance.

How will I know what has happened to the properties advertised?

Information about homes that have been successfully let or purchased through shared ownership is published. We tell you the number of applicants that expressed an interest in each property, the band and the registration date of each property. To see the results of properties that have been let click property search.

How will this information help me?

It will give you a better idea of how popular a particular property or area is and how long you would normally have to wait. You can then decide whether to look for other types of property or areas where you may not have to wait as long.

Are carpets and appliances provided?

You will normally have to provide your own carpets and appliances.