Guide to completing application

The whole form must be completed.  PLEASE NOTE: Failure to complete the form in full will prevent your application from being activated so you will be unable to bid on properties. You must also ensure you provide accurate information, particularly in relation to your personal details such as your National Insurance Number.  Providing false information can result in your application being suspended.

You will have 15 minutes to complete each page.

Please ensure that you have got the following information at hand before you begin your application:

  • National Insurance numbers for primary and joint applicants


  • Details of address history for the last five years for all household members age 16 and over


  • Details of anyone who is living in your current household even if they will not be moving with you


  • Landlord contact details and current tenancy information


Once you are ready to proceed with your application you will need to answer questions regarding the following:


Details on everyone who will be moving with you, including children


5 year address histories for every household member age 16 or over


Details of anyone you currently live with regardless of whether or not they will be moving with you


Local connection information


Details relating to debts and convictions


Details about where you live now including your current tenure type and the number of bedrooms in your home


Your reasons for requesting a move


Details of any medical conditions you have, particularly if your current housing is no longer meeting your needs (please note we will need supporting documentation from a medical professional which tells us why a move would benefit you in order to award priority).


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